Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just am tired of everything!

Havent blogged in a long time again, but I need to vent yet again.  Our local newspaper printed an editorial that just made me furious!  It was the newspapers viewpoint, not a patron of the newspaper.  The editorial ripped the police department and since my son is a policemen here in town, it really irked me.  The newspaper is constantly bad mouthing our local police and I don't understand why.  In the particular editorial, the writer stated " OUr police department is not worth spit"  and over paid to boot!  What?????  Can ;you over pay a policeman????  And to say they aren't worth spit????  Excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am still mad...I wrote an editorial of my own, but so far the newspaper has not published it...we'll see if they ever do.  No one tells me that my son is not worth spit!!!!  The nerve!!!!!   I hope they need a police one of these days, maybe they will change their story!

Plus...I am just so fed up with people trying to tell us what to do.  If I want to eat a big old juicy cheeseburger by golly I am going to do it and no one is going to tell me that I can't because it isn't good for me!  I think I know that!  But, I am still going to eat one once and awhile!  Same with French Fries or anything else they are trying to outlaw!  Give me a break!  I think I was born about 50 years later than I should have been.  I love technology, but dont' take away my books!!!  Our local bookstore is closing and it makes me so sad.  I dont' want to read a book on a screen, I want to hold and book in my hands, and turn the pages!  There is nothing like the scent of a new book, or old ones for that matter!  I must be getting old!