Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not sure where I belong anymore

I used to think that I was born about 30-40 years too late, that I belonged in the houswifey 50's...on the other hand now I am embracing all the technology, but it leaves me much to remember and overload....I love my age, but I also find that I want to sport tatoos and have spikey hair!  Why didn't feel this way when I was in my 20's and 30's?.  Back then I was soooooo conservative, would never think of speaking up or expressing myself either vocally or by say, a tatoo, or coloring my hair weird colors...Now I want to do those things and , again, I feel ridiculous because of my age.  I wonder if many my age feel this way??  Didn't do the things we wanted in our young years , out of fear, or whatever, and want to do it now, but feel we are too old???  For instance, I never protested the Vietnam war, although I did feel that it was, given the chance, I would join a protest, especially the way , I feel, our country is headed at this point.  Sometimes I wish I were young again, but know what I know now, on the other hand I am happy at the age I am, but something is just lacking.  HOw I look on the outside, is not how I feel on the inside...I still feel like a teenager sometimes, and then I look in the mirror and see this old woman looking back at me!  Well, maybe not old, but certainly older than I feel.  Oh well, just need to work on it I guess.

On a light note...I ran a terrific half marathon on Sunday!  2nd in my Age group and had a faster time than I have for the past 2 years!  I can still Run!!!!!!

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