Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday weirdness

Crazy at work today......and the day just started badly.  I was trying to finish up a knitting project, which I should never try to do before work.  Then the toilet plugged up and Ihad to plunge, so I was a few minutes late for work, which just put me behind and in a rush all morning.  I have to learn not to rush around so much, but after 61 years, I have a feeling it is too late for change!

Have a sports banquet tonight with my granddaughter and it is all so surreal...I am going to the same cafeteria in the same high school for the same sport that I attended some 18 years ago with my beautiful daughter, my granddaughter could be her twin, so it is all very weird and where did the time go?????  Seems like yesterday I was there with my daughter!   Good thing that I am not getting any older...just they are!

As soon as I figure out how to put pictures on this site, I will post some of my knitting ventures.

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