Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Been a long time

I am just so frustrated with everything that is going on!  Living in Ohio, we are now facing the same troubles as Wisconsin.  I believe SB#5 was voted on yesterday, I have not heard anything yet this morning about the outcome.  Do we still live in the United States?  What are we allowing to happen and what can, I, as one person do to stop it???  I vote, I write my elected officials, I try to vote into office those , who I believe, have our best interests at heart, but I am beginning to wonder if any of them have "our" interests at heart.  Where can you go for the truth?  Cant believe the media, can't even believe our elected officials anymore.  Our education system is going down the tubes.  Just who do they think are going to run our country in the future if we have no education?  I just don't know what they are thinking!  First things to get cut are usually education, libraries, fire, police...what the heck?

 I am in my 60's, trying to keep my Dad in an assisted living, which is so expensive his money will no longer cover it, helping my youngest son pay off astronomical school loans...there is no way I will ever be able to retire, me or my husband.  At this time of our lives we should not still be worrying about money, but we are and things just seem to be getting worse,

 Sorry to be such a downer today, but it sure helps to write things down and get it off your chest.

Maybe the sun will shine today!!!  Ya think????


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